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Frederic Van Hecke

Photography, graphic design, my passion for images, shapes and colors

have been always a big part of my life.

Since my childhood I’m fascinated by images and photography in magazines and books. At the age of 8 I received a Kodak camera from my grandfather. I started off admiring the world through my lens and capturing everything I found interesting.


I studied graphic design and photography in Ghent. After my studies I runned my own graphic design business and continued with styling my own photograpy. Later on I worked as graphic designer and photographer in advertising agencies. From 2012 I go my own way, professionally working on photography projects such as fashion, portraits and events. My personal side project consist of creating artwork and decorative images of photography.


I’m also a fervent yoga practitioner. My yoga instructor, Manoj Bhanot saw my photo portfolio and introduced me in his world of Yogalife where I met his brother Sanjeev. Both men opened a new world for me, one of yoga, beauty, pureness which perfectly connects with my passion for photography.

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