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Photography, graphic design, my passion for images, shapes and colors have been always a big part of my life.

Since my childhood I’m fascinated by images and photography in magazines and books. At the age of 8 I received a Kodak camera from my grandfather. I started off admiring the world through my lens and capturing everything I found interesting.


I studied graphic design and photography in Ghent. After my studies I runned my own graphic design business and continued with styling my own photograpy. Later on I worked as graphic designer and photographer in advertising agencies. From 2012 I go my own way, professionally working on photography projects such as fashion, portraits and events. My personal side project consist of creating artwork and decorative images of photography.


In my portrait and yoga photography is one of my main assets to capture an image of someone who is passionately engaged in her / his activity or profession. I play with the lines and shapes of a place, pay attention to the right pose in the setting so the style and personality of the person is best reflected. Also in my artwork i play with lines and shapes of an image and create more graphical compositions and new shapes.

Photo by Tatiana Johnson / 2022 / Zürich
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