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FVH // The Series // Digital visual art

The Series// Digital visual art

The Series are visual arts, graphic and decorative images composed of digitally edited photography. I play with lines and shapes of an image and create more graphical compositions and new shapes. It's created to enrich our homes and interiors.

The Photo Series// Pure photography

The Photo Series are the photographs as they are, The photos have only been edited in terms of light, contrast, impurities, disturbing elements have been removed. These series contain photography of raw nature and landscapes. Rocks, mountains and the sea are common features. The series also includes photos taken from airports and in the air from the plane during my travels.

Blue project / La roche / Evolve / Rock it / Disorder / Soft chaos / Dirty fish / Mystic / Above/ Fly away …

I consciously give short titles and almost no explanation to my photos and works in order to give you the freedom for personal interpretation or just watch and admire what you see, without a fixed reference.

• All photography and editing made by Frederic Van Hecke

• Framed prints available in several sizes

• No stock, only 5 copies will be made per size

• Each print and framed work will be made for you

• High quality prints, framed or acrylic glass

• Internatioal shipping


Interested to have my work on your wall?

Let me know which one is your favourite / ask me for prices and more


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